Nurse 2 might be checking in, according to Paz De La Huerta

Considering the source, we should take this "news" with a healthy grain of salt… but if it pans out, you can absolutely count me in.

We might be treated to a NURSE 2 (or NURSE 3D 2, as it were), if actress Paz De La Huerta is to be believed. The eccentric actress gave her Twitter followers an Easter treat yesterday when she tweeted Nurse 2 is on its way, followed by RT if u want a Sequel to Nurse 3D.

Could be that she's just campaigning for a sequel to the utterly mad movie, which is fine by me. Part ridiculous slasher, part campy-trashy dark comedy, NURSE 3D has already made a place for itself in the Guilty Pleasure Hall of Fame. And De La Huerta's turn as a psychopathic seductress with a penchant for killing unfaithful men is really something else. If you haven't seen it yet, do so pronto.

I'd definitely sign up for more NURSE insanity… would you?

Source: Twitter



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