Official artwork and new location for 2013 Fantasia International Film Festival

The most outstanding and largest genre film festival in North America is gearing up for another exciting event starting on July 18 and running through August 6 2013, and today we have a look at the official artwork/poster as well as some news regarding a new venue for the fan-favorite fest. Read on!

As the Concordia Hall Theatre - Fantasia’s home base since 2003 - is undergoing extensive renovations during the festival dates (which will include the installation of luxurious new seating, the acquisition of a new screen and digital projector), event organizers had to secure a different venue for their flagship screenings, and were excited to announce that for the 2013 edition, Fantasia will be returning to the theatre in which it was born - The Imperial Cinema (Centre Sandra & Leo Kolber, Salle Lucie et André Chagnon), a place the festival had called home for their first six years, from 1996 to 2001. Built in 1913, the Imperial Cinema is one of the most beautiful single-screen theatres in the country, a heritage house of dreams that houses over 800 seats and is located nearby the metro Place des Arts on Bleury Street, at the corner of Ste-Catherine street.

The festival will also have screenings and events at Concordia’s J.A. de Sève Theatre and the Cinémathèque québécoise, along with special outdoor projections at the Place de la Paix (Blvd St-Laurent, between Ste-Catherine and René-Lévesque).

To design the official 2013 poster, Fantasia organized a special winter 2012 contest where the public was invited to submit their concepts and sketches. The entire Fantasia team unanimously selected a concept submitted by local film critic and event organizer Michael Ryan (who sadly passed away this spring at the age of 46). To bring Michael’s vision to life, long-time Fantasia illustrator Donald Caron worked his magic, delivering a striking final art jointly inspired by Greek Mythology (Icarus and Daedalus) and Quebec legend of the Cheval Noir (Black Horse), the latter of which has featured prominently in the festival’s iconography over the two past editions. Check it out below.

Fantasia’s full lineup of titles will be announced a week before the start of the festival on July 11, alongside the release of their official program guide and the launch of the 2013 website.  Between then and now, a First Wave announcement of select programming highlights will be issued. Click HERE to visit Fantasia's website and learn more about the event!

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