Once director John Carney swapping music for ghosts in The Rafters

Well folks it's a relatively slow news day so when word comes out of Twitch about a new ghost story heading our way you can bet I'm going to jump on that shite to tell you all about it!

Now unfortunately this is only the first we are hearing about this new project, so details are scarce. We do have the basics for you though. The project in question is a little something called THE RAFTERS and is coming at us from director John Carney. Want the rundown? Of course you do!

Ghosts stalk an old guesthouse in the Aran islands, as two American backpackers vie for the affections of a young woman who is, literally, haunted by her past.

That works. Sounds like we might actually have a ghost story with some potential! Hey, a guy can dream can't he? The only other info we're given on THE RAFTERS is that it stars Marcella Plunkett, Killian Scott, Sean Donegan, Maire O'Neill, and Des Nealon. We do also have a look at some early concept art for the flick above so go ahead and scope that out as well.

What do you guys think? Intirgued by THE RAFTERS already or do you need to see more? Spit some bullets below and let us know what you think as we await more info on the project.

Extra Tidbit: John Carney's previous credits include ZONAD and the Award-winning ONCE.
Source: Twitch



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