One of those cult related TV shows Midnight Sun scores itself another cast member

Not sure why there are suddenly three cult related television shows in the works, must be the in thing for the next season. The one that caught my eye, mainly because it sounds incredibly interesting and has the potential to be something special is ‘Midnight Sun’.

The show, which will come from NBC, already scored the talented Titus Welliver to play Bennett Maxwell, the leader of the missing cult (great choice, he is perfect). And now they are adding Michael Raymond-James to the cast, the only detail given is that his role is a lead. Michael is perhaps best known as Rene from ‘True Blood’ and recently he had a guest spot in the mid-season return of ‘The Walking Dead’.

The series will follow the mysterious disappearance of Midnight Sun, a group living on a cult-like commune in Alaska, and the female FBI cult specialist leading the investigation who uncovers a larger conspiracy.

With these two men cast so far, this is certainly going in the right direction. I’ll tune into the pilot when the time comes.

James co-starred with Anna Paquin in 'True Blood'

Extra Tidbit: Are you yey or ney on this show?
Source: Deadline



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