Cool Horror Gear: Nike Good Guy Doll SB Dunk custom sneakers!

Welcome to a new segment we're running called COOL HORROR GEAR, where we will sporadically call attention to some sweet horror digs, limited edition threads, off the wall cult items, and other awesome horror haberdashery. With Halloween just around the corner, we thought this first order of business would be perfect. Boys and ghouls, I give Nike “Good Guy Doll” SB Dunk Custom Sneaker!

That's right, a few years ago Nike put out a new pair of custom sneakers based on Tom Holland's minor horror classic CHILD'S PLAY. As you can see in the photos, the sneakers resemble those worn by Chucky the Good Guy doll in the film. Perfect if you have a little ginger headed tyke you've yet to find a Halloween costume for. Hell, get a red wig to go along with the kicks!

In a recent custom sneaker design “Lotta Air Below” created a pair of Nike SB Dunks based on the Good Guy Doll for Halloween. The sneaker features an upper made of jean-like material decorated with all the same symbols that appear on the overalls of the doll. In addition, there’s button-down flops on the toebox with the words “Good” & “Guy” snitched in red, multi-colored stripes on the side panels that represents the doll’s rainbow shirt, insoles depicting a cartoon image of the Good Guy Doll, and a custom shoebox.

Pretty fly shite, no? I can honestly say I've seen shoes based on a horror flick, and personally, I own little beyond t-shirts based on such. For the kids though, the Nike “Good Guy Doll” SB Dunk Custom Sneakers are some pretty COOL HORROR GEAR.



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