Original trailer for Halloween 6: The Origin of Michael Myers!

As most or at least some of you know, the HALLOWEEN 6 (THE CURSE OF MICHAEL MYERS) we have available to us today is radically different from the original film, which was titled HALLOWEEN 6: THE ORIGIN OF MICHAEL MYERS. (It was referred to as HALLOWEEN 666 early on as well.) The film originally had a different ending, different music, longer scenes,  and completely different plot points throughout.

As per Wikipedia, the film is "known for its controversial behind-the-scenes history, suffering from re-shoots in production and numerous cuts and arrangements made in the editing room; the workprint of the film, with 43 minutes of alternate footage including a different ending, was eventually discovered by fans of the series. This version, dubbed "The Producer's Cut" (as it was the original intended version of the film) developed a strong cult following, with bootleg DVD copies sold on eBay."

So anyway, as something of a Halloween treat, we bring you the original trailer for the film. The quality is far from perfect, unfortunately, but it'll do. It's almost a certainty that one day we'll receive a proper Blu-ray release of the Producer's Cut - especially since just the other day it was shown in a theater in Los Angeles for the first time ever.

Extra Tidbit: Have you seen the Producer's Cut of HALLOWEEN 6?



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