Original writers & producers return for Night of the Living Dead Part II!

For those of you who might have missed this information somewhere down the line somehow, this year marked the 50th Anniversary of George A. Romero's zombie classic NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. The original film - and the franchise as a whole - is pretty undying itself, and that's evident in the fact that today we have word on an official sequel to Romero's original classic.

Yes, fifty years later, a sequel is being produced by none other than our buddies over at Living Dead Media, who are planning to bring the original writers and producers' infamously unproduced sequel to the big screen!

Living Dead Media told B-D this week…

Night of the Living Dead first brought zombies to the silver screen in 1968. The world was unprepared for the film’s flesh starved ghouls, which resulted in a groundbreaking and commercial success. It remains one of the most influential and revered horror films of all time and now sits in the Library of Congress and the Museum of Modern Art for its cultural significance. Written by John A. Russo and directed by George A. Romero, Night of the Living Dead created the foundation for the five Return of the Living Dead films that gave us TARMAN and his famous catch phrase “More Brains!”, popularizing brain eating zombies and defining the modern dark comedy-horror genre in the process. Romero’s Trilogy of the Dead series also owes its roots to the classic. In addition, Night of the Living Dead is not only credited with spawning a generation of zombie films, but all modern horror films.”

Night of the Living Dead’s place on the Mt. Rushmore of horror films is known by most horror fans and people all over the world. But, unknown to most is that in the 1970’s, the original writers and producers of Night of the Living Dead penned a sequel to their masterpiece. A sequel that inexplicably has gone unproduced for over forty years – until now. Living Dead Media has brushed away the dirt from this amazing follow up to a classic and brought together a great team to produce the new film.

Not much else is known about the film which is evidently going by the awesome title NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD PART II, but evidently, the plan is to release the new movie in 2019. That said, word is expected to spread about the production soon such as who this "great team" is that Living Dead Media have in store for this new movie. We'll let you know more once we hear it, but until then make sure to hit us up and let us know how excited you are for NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD PART II below!

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