Oscar winning editor Angus Wall set to direct segments of interactive thriller Phone Book

Angus Wall, 2-time Oscar winning editor for David Fincher (THE SOCIAL NETWORK, GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO), will make his directorial debut by helming segments of PHONE BOOK, an interactive anthology thriller for SUMS Film and Media. Screen Daily has the drop, citing Steven Hall's short story as the inspiration.

Hall’s story Stories For A Phone Book Page charts the intertwining of disparate characters whose lives converge after a series of mysterious events. SUMS’ spin on the project will see characters’ stories accessed through a tablet or smart phone interface that will feed into and out of the feature.

About the cross-platform project, producer Andy Brunskill (of SUMS) had this to say:

“As a young company we’re forward thinking, whether it’s working with the hottest new talent, developing cutting edge material, or exploiting the latest platforms. Phone Book is an ideal calling card as it encompasses all three."

Pretty fascinating to see how our media is driving content these days. Plenty of techno-thrillers on are on the comeback, Vigalondo's new movie OPEN WINDOWS immediately comes to mind. Just how grisly or exploitative these "mysterious events" are in the film remain to be seen, but the idea sounds intriguing at the very least. And with Wall, you know it'll be well cut!

Speaking of...

Extra Tidbit: Wall has only 7 feature film credits as editor, 5 of which are Fincher's. The other 2 are THUMBSUCKER and SUNSET STRIP.
Source: Screen Daily
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