Ouija: Origin of Evil interviews: Henry Thomas, Elizabeth Reaser and more!

When I saw the first OUIJA, I was more than a little disappointed. Nothing really worked. Well, aside from the promise of what you could do in another horror film about that creepy “talking board” - anybody remember WITCHBOARD? Then came OUIJA: ORIGIN OF EVIL. While a little skeptical, I felt that if anybody was going to make it work it would be writer/director Mike Flanagan. Surprisingly dark, this sequel continues to prove that Flanagan is one of the best horror directors working today. ORIGIN OF EVIL is smarter and far more satisfying than the original; it’s the rare sequel that surpasses the first.

Recently, we were invited to head over to the popular Halloween attraction, the Haunted Hayride in Los Angeles, to talk with the cast of OUIJA. First we sat down with both Henry Thomas and Elizabeth Reaser who opened up about working on a horror film, one that also happens to feature real life adults and not just teens. Next up we spoke to both Annalise Basso and Lulu Wilson. Young - and surprisingly mature - Lulu talked about why she loves doing horror. The actress also appeared in DELIVER US FROM EVIL and will next be seen in ANNABELLE 2.

With OUIJA: ORIGIN OF EVIL, you are in for one scary Halloween treat. ORIGIN OF EVIL will be haunting theatres this Friday.


Source: AiTH

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