Out Of The Grave: This Week on The Walking Dead (Episode 3 / October 28, 2012)

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EPISODE 3: Walk With Me

THE HOOK: With Hershel's farm overrun, Rick and company are on the move again. They come across a prison which Rick feels would be perfect...once it's purged of walkers. But the dead aren't the only danger lurking in the shadows.

THE LOWDOWN: Tonight was the night fans of the graphic novels have been waiting for--a closer look at Michonne in action and the introduction of the Governor-- and fans of the TV series get the special treat of seeing Merle back from the dead. I enjoyed the opening scene with the helicopter, forgetting that Michonne and Andrea have no idea about the fact that everyone's infected. It was sad to see Michonne behead her two walkers--for those unfamiliar with Michonne's storyline, the two walkers are her boyfriend Mike and his best friend Terry. The fact that she uses them for camouflage comes up later, but I'm for thinking she held onto them for sentimental reasons as well. The idea of walkers becoming docile when you take away their ability to feed is an interesting concept, but still creepy as hell and not something I'd hold a lot of faith in.

I'm a big fan of Michael Rooker so yes, I was happy to see Merle return. True, like his brother Daryl, Merle is a "show based" character, but his pairing up with the Governor adds a unique flavor to the irony pot. Merle's reaction to Andrea and Michonne was much tamer than I envisioned it. Of course, it's not like she cut off his hand. His meeting up with Rick and Daryl is what I'm waiting for. Definitely digging his new "hand" though (will he and Michonne have a blade fight? I'd love to see it happen). Michonne doesn't say much tonight, but damn if her facial expressions don't convey what she's thinking perfectly well. If looks could kill, she'd have severed many more heads from their bodies.

Which brings me to the Governor. David Morrissey's portrayal of the character's brooding, soulless evil is downright haunting. The man's got shark eyes, dark and unfathomably evil. Sure he talks a good talk, and that's the one reason I'm sold on the character's physical changes. The way he looks in the comics would betray the "nice guy" persona he's selling in the show. Not sure why he's trying so hard to win the hearts of the people seeing as how he doesn't need them, unless there's an ulterior motive still to come (that said, I was hoping for an answer to the question surrounding his daughter's character--mainly if she'd be here in the show, but no sign of her yet). All in all, I'm still on the fence about this Governor, but I'm anxious to see more.

THE WALKING DEAD SEASON 3's third episode branches off from Rick and the crew to focus on the newer additions to the cast, something that worked extremely well. Rest assured this isn't GAME OF THRONES and the story doesn't usually jump like this as these characters will all end up in the same place eventually. There are still many unanswered questions at this point like who's the mystery watcher in the bushes from the closing moments of last week's episode, to what the hell that mad scientist dude's cooking up in the basement (the heads were a nice touch) and what exactly is he putting in that Tea to make is so delicious? Tension didn't run as high tonight, but the plot certainly did thicken.

ZOMBIE KILL OF THE WEEK: The Governor takes out one of the helicopter pilots who turns after being sliced in half by a propeller blade. That dude had one hell of a bad day.

BLOOD AND GORE: Bodies sliced in half, beheadings, shootouts and the weirdest collection of jarred "specimens" you've ever seen.

MOST ANNOYING CHARACTER: . Now I'm not saying her and Michonne should've offered the Gov a threeway in thanks, but shit baby, you'd have died without his help. They didn't rape or pillage you, yell or slap you--instead they cooked you breakfast. And despite all that, she's pissing and moaning about a couple walkers she saw hanging in the trees on the way in. Be thankful they didn't pull a 28 DAYS LATER on your asses.

COOLEST SCENE: For me, the coolest scene comes from seeing the Governor reveal his true colors. The look in his eyes spoke volumes. I sincerely hope he continues to impress.




Extra Tidbit: So how do you think the Merle and Daryl situation will play out? A fight to the death between them? Daryl killing Merle to save Rick? Or maybe Merle gets pulled over from the darkside in a RETURN OF THE JEDI type scenario?



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