Out Of The Grave: This Week on The Walking Dead (Episode 5 / November 11, 2012)

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EPISODE 5: Say The Word

THE HOOK: With Hershel's farm overrun, Rick and company are on the move again. They come across a prison which Rick feels would be perfect...once it's purged of walkers. But the dead aren't the only danger lurking in the shadows.

THE LOWDOWN: (The following column contains MAJOR SPOILERS, so I don't recommend reading this if you haven't watched this episode). It's been a week, but I'm sure people are still stitching their broken hearts back together after last week's bloodbath. Straight off the bat I have to say that Rick's psychosis is mesmerising, dark and a little scary. Going on a balls to the wall walker killing spree is no doubt exactly what I would do in Rick's situation, but nothing prepares you for seeing it firsthand. The look in Rick's eyes is primal, a vicious hunger for blood and revenge. Poor Glen makes the mistake of trying to break through his bloodlust barrier, but Rick nearly takes his head off too. Protip: If a dude loses his wife and decides to check into THE SHINNING motel for zombies, leave the poor bastard alone.

The rest of Rick's crew are dealing, but I'm not feeling the baby scene. First off, after seeing last week's promo trailer I was thinking, "they'll need to find powdered formula as that's the only thing that would make sense". They did. It was all a little too convenient and easy for me. I have nothing against babies, but seeing as how the comic deals with this scenario much differently, I have to question the idea of having a baby around. Food aside, if the group moves on the prison (which they eventually do), lugging a baby around seems like hard times to me. That said, wasn't Daryl just the cutie pie with that baby in his arms? That guy's come a long way, and if that wasn't enough to melt your heart, the scene where he leaves the flower on the grave should've sealed the deal. Daryl's the man.

Things are brewing out of control on the Governor's front as well. We meet Penny (the Gov's daughter) tonight and as disturbing a scenario as it is, I'm happy they went with it. This (alongside his upscale grooming) adds much needed depth and pathos to his character. How many of us could kill our kid if they turned? I'm guessing not many. Sure, it takes a different kind of crazy to actually "feed" your walker child, but much like Morgan from the first season--who just couldn't shoot his turned wife--it opens up all sorts of questions about morality for discussion. Did Michonne actually see Penny, or did she only drop the name after reading it in the book? Who knows, but that scene where she's ready to take off the Governor's head was almost as cool as her all out ganking of a group of walkers. The smile on her face was pure ecstasy.

THE WALKING DEAD SEASON 3's fifth episode unlocks a good many doors leading to good many sinister places. I loved the gladiator style pit fighting (it's like SPARTACUS with zombies). Both actors did all their own stunts for the brawl. It was impressive. Michael Rooker seems like he's having the time of his life. Andrea wasn't amused, but then again she's a bit of buzz kill. Michonne going off on her own is cool by me as this "her and Andrea" thing was not only getting on my nerves, but also wasn't in the comics so I'm not shedding any tears there. Hopefully she meets up with the Rick and the crew soon, they could use her right about now. And if you read my extra tidbit from last week you'll love tonight's closing scene.

ZOMBIE KILL OF THE WEEK: There's so many to choose from tonight, but it's a tossup between Michonne and Rick's killing sprees. Both were wildly entertaining.

BLOOD AND GORE: Again, many a character lose their cool and take it out on the walkers tonight. Hell, Glen's path to Rick was a breadcrumb trail of bodies and pieces.

MOST ANNOYING CHARACTER: Glen. I love Glen, I do, but the guy was a dick to the two remaining prisoners and a little too whiney tonight. And he's lucky Rick didn't put an axe between his eyes. I probably would have.

COOLEST SCENE: Rick's journey ends in the room where Lori died. What he finds there is so damn disturbing, it's cool.



Extra Tidbit: Is Carol dead? Is she alive? Who cares.



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