Over an hour of IMAX footage in The Dark Knight Rises!

By now it should come as no surprise that Christopher Nolan is a big fan of IMAX, given that he only agreed to direct THE DARK KNIGHT because the studio allowed him to use the technology. Still, the amount of footage shot using IMAX cameras in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES is bound to impress, as The Wall Street Journal learned that the movie will contain more than an hour of IMAX shots.

Mr. Nolan also shared some insight on the origins of his fascination with the technology. On seeing IMAX movies as a kid at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry, the director recalls:

"I remember looking at the audience every time a helicopter banked, and everyone was leaning slightly to the side. I had never seen an audience so immersed in a film."

On the apprehension with which he was originally met:

"There was a huge irony that we were told it would be too difficult to shoot a Hollywood movie on IMAX when we had this gigantic camera department, grips, electric, hundreds of people working for us. These were cameras that had been to the top of Mount Everest, to the bottom of the ocean and into outer space, but people thought we couldn't make a feature film. It was absurd."

Well, well. I have to say, while I usually focus on the movie itself rather than the technology behind it, I can certainly appreciate Nolan's passion and - for what it's worth - I'll take IMAX over 3D any day. All the more reason to wait for July 20th, when THE DARK KNIGHT RISES hits theaters.

Extra Tidbit: What's your poison - IMAX or 3D?



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