Pacific Rim 2 is coming, but when?

It's already been made plenty clear that director Guillermo del Toro and screenwriter Travis Beacham are quietly preparing a sequel to next month's gargantuan monster movie PACIFIC RIM. Though the film obviously hasn't opened yet, it looks like the early word of mouth is very strong, and Warner Bros. appears to be quite high on the film's potential. So even if we're getting ahead of ourselves, when might we see part 2?

Del Toro recently screened footage to some lucky bastards in L.A., and spoke a little bit about where they are with the follow-up:

We’re been talking about the idea for it and working on a pitch... Having had two to three years pass from the first Pacific Rim to the second movie, we can also prepare a good video game, continue the graphic novel and continue the mythology."

Del Toro already has his hands full with his next film, the gothic horror film CRIMSON PEAK, but it seems all but certain that he'll go right into pre-production on PACIFIC RIM 2 after that. Of course, we must wait and see how the movie fares at the box office, but something tells me no one is substantially worried.

PACIFIC RIM opens on July 12th.

PACIFIC RIM star Rinko Kikuchi

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