Palomar Pictures grabs rights to young-adult vampire series Blood of Eden

We all know that 'young-adult vampire novel series' doesn't always necessarily mean badass vampire story. I'm looking at you TWILIGHT SAGA... So it's with a bit of a wall up that I come to you today to tell you about Palomar Pictures' acquisition of young-adult novel series BLOOD OF EDEN.

Now with a name like BLOOD OF EDEN this can't possibly fall into the same category as that TWILIGHT shite, right? Add on the fact that there's a chick crying blood on the book's cover and I think we might have a winner! According to Deadline New York studio Palomar Pictures just snatched up the rights to BOOK OF EDEN and are planning on bringing the series' first installment, THE IMMORTAL RULES, to the big screen. Kicker here is Harlequin Teen just published THE IMMORTAL RULES this week so it looks like Palomar Pictures aren't wasting any time!

The Immortal Rules is set in the future world where humanity has been decimated by a deadly virus and exists primarily as a food source and slave class to vampires that run things. The first book revolves around a young girl who is turned into a vampire and has to choose between her dreams of overrunning the vampire overlords, or embracing the idea that she is now one of them.

That's the rundown for THE IMMORTAL RULES, which was penned by scribe Julie Kagawa. No telling who will be adapting this one for the screen but as soon as we hear more on the project you can bet we'll be right here telling you about it.

Extra Tidbit: Is there any other young-adult novel franchises you'd like to see a big-screen adaptation for?
Source: Deadline



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