Panzer 88 moves forward with Gary Oldman, Jay Baruchel and Thomas Kretschmann

Man, we've been writing up Peter Briggs' PANZER 88 for a while. Since 2010, in fact, when it was announced that STAR WARS producer Gary Kurtz was on board to oversee the ambitious WWII-set horror film. (The film also has ALIEN and BLADE RUNNER producer Ivor Powell working on it; not too shabby.) At long last, it looks as though we can definitively state that the project is ready to head into pre-production, toting with it an impressive preliminary cast.

Sources have confirmed to us that PAZNER 88 is in negotiations with Jay Baruchel (GOON) and Thomas Kretschmann (KING KONG) and none other than Gary Oldman to star in PANZER 88. Baruchel is the lead, while Oldman's role will be a small one. 

The plot:

In October 1944, the German Army in Russia is in full retreat. The 5 man crew of the King Tiger tank they nickname "Ilsa", stumbles across a small Jewish town that has previously been the target of an S.S. purge. Soon, they become the target of a vengeful supernatural entity that will stop at nothing until they're destroyed.

Peter Briggs will direct from a screenplay penned by himself, Aaron Mason and Jim Cowan.

Below you can check out a handful of storyboards by artist Chris Weston from one of the film's major set pieces - tell me this doesn't look badass! Find out more about PANZER 88 on its official Facebook page.



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