Paranormal Activity 4 directors' tease plotline and a new still surfaces

Warning: minor PARANORMAL ACTIVITY spoilers ahead…

The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly contains a new still from the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 as well as a conversation with directors Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost.

While this news still doesn’t reveal a whole lot about the film's cryptic premise, a tidbit from Schulman did reveal one direction the film will be taking: “I can tell you this – we’re definitely expanding on the mythology and the history of this demon… We’re really trying to get to the bottom of it!”

The duo also skirted the issue of the possessed Katie’s fate following her fate in the original PARANORMAL ACTIVITY which, within the timeline of the series, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 follows. Regarding the issue of Katie in the fourth film, the duo merely said "she haunts our dreams."

You can check out the still below and speculate the meaning of that statement and PA 4's plotline for yourself. The still does set up the year the film will take place (2011), so it isn't totally throw away. PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 hits theaters October 19th. Text “Wantit” to 21534 to get an exclusive cut of the trailer and look for the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly on stands this week.

Extra Tidbit: Hopefully Katie Featherston (above) comes back in PA 4 as some kind of sex crazed demon woman. I'm pretty sure that's what the films have been building up to this whole time.



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