Parrish, Balk, and Trimbur discover Hell Is Where the Home Is

Hell Is Where the Home Is Orson Oblowitz Janel Parrish

Production has wrapped on HELL IS WHERE THE HOME IS, a home invasion thriller that marks the feature directorial debut of Orson Oblowitz, and as post-production begins a couple stills have been released to give an early preview of the film.

Shot in Malibu, HELL IS WHERE THE HOME IS stars Janel Parrish, Fairuza Balk, Angela Trimbur, Jonathan Howard, and Zach Avery in the story of 

two dysfunctional couples who are terrorized by a group of violent individuals during a vacation at a modern desert home. 

The screenplay was written by Corey Deshon. The film was produced by Diego and Julio Hallivis of 1inMM Productions.

I'm a sucker for the home invasion sub-genre and I like the cast of this one, so I'll definitely be watching HELL IS WHERE THE HOME IS. We'll keep you updated as the film makes its way through post and toward release.

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