Patton in Mirrors

Variety announced this morning that Paula Patton has joined Keifer Sutherland in Alexandre Aja's upcoming scare flick MIRRORS for New Regency and 20th Century Fox. The core of this movie sounds like a kick-ass ride, and having Sutherland in it makes it all that much better. While he definitely rocks that shit in 24, I must say I miss him up on the big screen.

Patton will be playing Sutherland's soon-to-be ex-wife in the flick, which is about a security guard at a department store who discovers an evil spirit lurking in the mirrors. Creepy, huh? Patton was last seen in IDLEWILD (well, at least by the few who's seen it), as well as alongside wicky-wicky Will Smith in HITCH. Let's just say if she shows up to the set wearing that shirt, we can only hope Aja will decide that maybe her character should wear it too.

Give me a Burger King commercial directed by Aja and I'd fork over at least 3 bucks just to see it- least to say I'm flippin' stoked for this, as it sounds like it touches on an area that's not just blood and guts, but a bit psychological. Way to show us a different side! Filming is set to begin around the first of May, once 24 wraps for the season. Stick around more casting updates for MIRRORS as we hear it!
Source: Variety



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