Paul T. Taylor discusses playing Pinhead in Hellraiser: Judgment

Hellraiser: Judgment Paul T. Taylor

It remains to be seen when director Gary Tunnicliffe's HELLRAISER: JUDGMENT, the Weinsteins' new "we have to get a sequel made so we can hold on to the HELLRAISER rights" installment in the series, will be making its way out into the world. (There's also no news on a release for its CHILDREN OF THE CORN counterpart CHILDREN OF THE CORN: RUNAWAY.) It could be a while before we get to see what Dallas-based actor Paul T. Taylor has done in the role of horror icon Pinhead, or it could be sooner than we expect. We can only wait to find out.

Taylor recently talked with the Dallas Observer about getting cast in the role, which he describes as "the coolest thing that's ever happened to me in my life. Being on that set was the coolest thing I've ever done."

The actor was familiar with the character before he went in to audition for the role, in fact he says Pinhead was always his favorite icon "because he was the most twisted and intelligent in my mind." His preparation for bringing the character to life included reading more about him in the pages of HELLRAISER comics books.

In case you're worried about how an actor from Texas might sound as Pinhead, rest assured: 

He's British because I think Pinhead has to be British, and I do a good British accent so I'd just go all the way with it and that worked. While I was in L.A., Gary showed me a clip of Peter Cushing in Star Wars where he's making Leia choose between destroying her planet or giving him the information he's after, and he destroys the planet anyway and he just casually says, ‘You're far too trusting,’ and Gary says, ‘There you are,’ because Cushing is so gentle in horror films in a cold way."

On the set, the extremely uncomfortable costume he was in helped Taylor stay in character ("Pinhead's always in agony, so he likes it."). He says his performance is 

about the stillness. He's already so terrifying that when he makes a move, it means something. He's very economical and when he speaks, he's so eloquent."

Of course, replacing a beloved actor like Doug Bradley in a role the man played eight times over the course of almost twenty years does come with some baggage.

It is a little daunting. I've read some comments from the fans who are gonna hate me as Pinhead no matter what, but many of them are smart enough and cool enough to say, ‘I'm not gonna judge until I see Paul T. Taylor play Pinhead,’ and, ‘He's not Doug Bradley but I'm gonna give him a chance.’"

Taylor is excited for fans to see HELLRAISER: JUDGMENT whenever they'll get the chance to, and he promises that

It's gonna gross people out. Hooks on chains might be mild at this point."

I'm totally open to giving Taylor a chance, and I'm hoping he will be impressive as Pinhead. To read even more of the interview with him, click over to DallasObserver.com.

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