Paul W.S. Anderson discusses CASTLEVANIA challenges

During a recent RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION press junket, Paul W.S. Anderson discussed what's stalling his film adaptation of Capcom’s Dracula-whipping video game, CASTLEVANIA. Check out what he had to say, transcribed from a video (below):

It’s the usual difficulties in making a film, you know, someone has the rights, you have to get the rights, you have to develop a screenplay everyone likes. Making video game movies… it’s not the easiest thing in the world. I think a lot of studios think it is and that’s why there are so many unsuccessful adaptations. There’s plenty of them that are launched with huge fanfare, but they never turn into franchises.”

“I’ve been involved in two of the most successful with MORTAL KOMBAT and certainly RESIDENT EVIL which must be by now the most successful. It’s... a fine balancing act to try and please the fans of the game and also try to make a movie that opens the game up to a mainstream audience as well.”

“It’s something that takes time to get right, and we’ve got no interest in making a CASTLEVANIA movie until it’s something we can get really right.

Anderson certainly seems to have the right attitude toward adapting the material. Sure, the man makes insanely dumb movies, but he does it with style, humor and no real delusions of grandeur. Love it or hate it, Paul W.S. Anderson’s spin CASTLEVANIA is still a go with James Wan in the director/co-writer’s seat. I personally look forward to seeing how duo’s collaboration plays out. And hey, how about a gratuitously sexy picture of Anderson's better half, Milla Jovovich, to wrap this baby up?

Extra Tidbit: I've probably bough CASTLEVANIA: SYMPHONY OF THE NIGHT more times than any other game besides the first RESIDENT EVIL.
Source: IGN



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