Peep some new stills & a new one-sheet for zombie comedy Juan of the Dead

How are you guys feeling about the horror/comedy heading our way JUAN OF THE DEAD? Pretty intrigued right? Well earlier this year we learned this thing would actually be getting itself a US release courtesy of Outsider Pictures... but that was back in January. What have we heard since then? Absolutely nothing!

Until today that is! You see not only do we have a look at several new stills from the flick today, but we've got ourselves a brand new one-sheet as well! Natch! Can't beat that with a stick. Now you can get a look at all the goods by scrolling away above and below. The new poster can also be found below, after all the new stills. Sure the new one-sheet seems to rip from SHAUN OF THE DEAD a little but isn't this entire flick ripping from SHAUN OF THE DEAD? I'm still down!

JUAN OF THE DEAD takes place 50 years after the Cuban Revolution, and a new one is about to begin. That revolution is zombies; filthy, flesh-eating zombies. The Cubans face a large enough challenge dealing with a zombie infestation (allegedly started by U.S.-backed radical groups), but their procrastinating hero Juan has to overcome his lazy lifestyle to save the world.

Coming our way from director Alejandro Brugues and starring Alexis Díaz de Villegas and Andrea Duro (below), JUAN OF THE DEAD is set for a limited theatrical release here in the US sometime this year.

Extra Tidbit: What is your all-time favorite horror/comedy?



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