Peep the new trailer for disturbing Aussie serial killer flick Snowtown Murders

With the new name change of Justin Kurzel's directorial debut - from SNOWTOWN to SNOWTOWN MURDERS - comes a newly fashioned trailer for the harrowing Aussie serial killer yarn. Based on true events, this bastard is definitely dealing with some weighty material. Cop a peek at the new look underneath!

Based on the horrifying crimes discovered in Snowtown, Australia in 1999, where police found dismembered bodies rotting in barrels, SNOWTOWN, which marks Justin Kurzel's directorial debut is a stark journey into the feral subculture of welfare dependence, addiction, domestic violence, brutality and sexual abuse.

Elizabeth Harvey is raising her three boys in Adelaide's poor northern suburbs. After her latest boyfriend displays pedophilic tendencies she takes up with a new man, hoping for security but instead winds up welcoming an even more vicious predator into her home.

John Bunting is the moral compass among a circle of friends who hold self-appointed neighborhood watch meetings at the kitchen table. Fueled by cigarettes and beer they cast judgments on those living around them. Bunting enlists his crew in acts of sadistic vigilantism on those he considers deviants takes Elizabeth's son Jamie under his wing. In a mix of misdirected hero worship and terror, Jamie becomes an accomplice to a spree of torture and murder.

SNOWTOWN is an uncompromising film, focused on the relationship between vulnerable teenager and a father figure who is revealed to be the worst kind of bully.

Louise Harris, Daniel Henshall, Lucas Pittaway and Craig Coyne all star in SNOWTOWN MURDERS, which hits select cities on March 2nd. IFC will make the title available for VOD as well.

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Extra Tidbit: Better title: SNOWTOWN or SNOWTOWN MURDERS?
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