Peep the teaser & new poster for found-footage Bigfoot flick The Lost Coast Tapes

We first heard about Corey Grant's THE LOST COAST TAPES back in October and we've been sold ever since. Well this schmuck has at least. But perhaps you were waiting before jumping the gun with this one? Well today's new teaser trailer and one-sheet should do the trick!

Actually these new goods from THE LOST COAST TAPES are teases in every sense of the word. What does that mean? Well we don't get much in these new goods... that's what. You see in the teaser trailer, which can be found below or over in our videos section, we get the trio of posters for this thing with some audio. Then we're treated to a couple quick clips. Don't get me wrong... The teaser trailer still has me stoked for this one but I'm still waiting for see some more footage from this thing!

Then we've got the newest poster for the flick, which can be found directly below. In this new one-sheet we've got our monster watching as some poor bastard chills, impaled at the top of a tree. Works for me! Just scroll on down to check out the goods for yourself.

Sean Reynolds, an eager television host, is on a mission to debunk famed Bigfoot hunter Carl Drybeck, who claims to possess the body of a dead Sasquatch. When the team arrives in Northern California, they are immediately thrilled -- Drybeck’s zealous belief in his hoax is going to make for a wildly entertaining episode of campy-paranormal television.

However, when Drybeck’s hunting partner is mysteriously attacked, the team is left alone, and reality begins to set in. The evidence is stacking up, Drybeck’s theory may not be a hoax, and the existence of Bigfoot might just be the least of their worries.

Shot on location in the region of the world’s largest concentration of Bigfoot sightings and based on the real accounts of locals, THE LOST COAST TAPES reveals a new truth about America’s oldest living legend.

THE LOST COAST TAPES sports a pretty unknown cast that includes Drew Rausch, Rich McDonald, Noah Weisberg, Sweetie Sherrié (below), Frank Ashmore and Ashley Wood. Hey, what else do you expect? Still without a release date, you can bet we'll be right here to bring you every update on THE LOST COAST TAPES that comes our way.

Thanks to Avery for the heads up!

THE LOST COAST TAPES (2012) - Teaser Trailer

Extra Tidbit: Corey Grant's only two feature credits are the 2007 crime flick STUDIO and the 2012 comedy DYSFUNCTIONAL FRIENDS.
Source: AITH



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