Peep the trailer & details for brutal romantic-thriller All God's Creatures

Found crammed in the old inbox today (is that lewd?) was a press release for a brutal romantic-thriller called ALL GOD'S CREATURES. The message came from the film's star and co-writer Josh Folan, who we'd like to thank publicly for the heads up. Peep the trailer and official synopsis for ALL GOD'S CREATURES below!

Directed by Ryan Cummings and Frank Licata - Creature of habit, Jon Smith, spends his days mindlessly working as a barista in New York City. When night falls, this seeming everyman savagely kills "filthy women" as his social outlet. A chance encounter with Delia, a young prostitute searching for an escape from her troubled past, forces Jon to confront the most terrifying thing he has ever faced in all his dark affairs - himself. All God's Creatures examines the true nature of what it means to be a monster and reveals that love is not only for a chosen few, but for all God's creatures.

Ginger Kroll (below), Linda Elena Tovar, Carson Grant, Jessica Kaye, Jessica Sherr, Christy Prais, Tiffany Lee, Diana DeCarlo and Steven French all appear in the film.

Extra Tidbit: Ginger Kroll (above) once did an episode of "The Sopranos."
Source: AITH



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