Peep these two new shots from Antonio Trashorras' Spanish thriller Blind Alley

You guys remember us telling you about Antonio Trashorras' Spanish thriller BLIND ALLEY? We talked about it several times at the beginning of last year but once Summer rolled around the thing just seemed to die off... until now!

That's right folks, today we've got two brand new stills from the feature for your viewing pleasure. And both shots offer up hottie Ana De Armas! Can't beat that, now can you? One still is an exterior shot of the creepy laundromat and the other features De Armas front and center. So what are you waiting for? Scroll away and enjoy!

In a tiny laundromat hidden down an alleyway, Rosa finds herself trapped, completely isolated and unable to escape the nightmarish situation of being attacked by a serial killer. At the break of dawn and after hours of anguish, immersed in the sadistic game of cat and mouse the killer has subjected her to, the young girl will discover something even more disturbing about the nature of her aggressor.

Along with De Armas (below) the film also stars Leonor Varela and Diego Cadavid. Now unfortunately there's still no release date for BLIND ALLEY but hopefully this shite rolls our way sooner rather than later.

Extra Tidbit: Antonio Trashorras' first gig was as a co-wrter on THE DEVIL'S BACKBONE alongside David Muñoz amd Guillermo del Toro.
Source: AITH



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