Penelope Mitchell joins Hellboy reboot as an elder witch

Penelope Mitchell

Casting continues on the Neil Marshall-directed reboot of the HELLBOY franchise, which has just added Penelope Mitchell as the elder witch Ganeida.

HELLBOY is set to star David Harbour as the title character, with Ian McShane as his mentor Professor Broom, Sasha Lane as his love interest Alice Monaghan, and Milla Jovovich as the villainous Nimue, Queen of Blood.

Written by Andrew Cosby, Christopher Golden, Aron Coleite, and Hellboy creator Mike Mignola, this new take on the source material will see Hellboy, 

along with his team of paranormal researchers, trying to save the world from a medieval sorceress who wants to destroy humankind. 

Mitchell's Ganeida will be part of the effort, having decided that "Nimue's wrath has gone on for too long and must be stopped."

The reboot hit a bit of a bump in the road when Ed Skrein was cast as Major Ben Daimio, a character who is Japanese-American in the comic book. In response to outcry over the filmmakers "whitewashing" the character, Skrein left the project less than a week after his casting was announced. The search is now on for his replacement.

Mitchell is a "self-confessed genre nerd"; her previous genre credits include THE CURSE OF DOWNERS GROVE and roles on Hemlock Grove and The Vampire Diaries.

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Source: Deadline



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