Platinum Dunes producers still want to make another Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th Derek Mears

The producers at Michael Bay's company Platinum Dunes have been associated with the FRIDAY THE 13TH franchise for over a decade at this point, and unfortunately they've only actually managed to produce one new film in the series during that time, the 2009 reboot. That isn't for lack of trying, though. Since the release of F13 '09, Platinum Dunes has been involved with the development of at least four more scripts - the first being a sequel to the '09 movie, and the other three being different variations on a reboot.

Legal issues have now put an end to any further development of FRIDAY THE 13TH movies for the foreseeable future, as original FRIDAY THE 13TH director Sean S. Cunningham and screenwriter Victor Miller are taking each other to court over which of them truly deserves to hold the rights.

While we wait to see how that battle will pan out, Platinum Dunes producers Andrew Form and Brad Fuller are hoping they'll get a chance to make another FRIDAY THE 13TH movie someday.

Speaking with the folks at WeGotThisCovered, Form said, 

There’s a lawsuit going on and the rights are a little messed up. But rest assured, we are doing everything we can to be involved with that and we wholeheartedly believe that another version, another incarnation of Friday the 13th, needs to be made and brought out to the world, and we’re gonna do everything we can to do it. Every year, we look at the schedule and say, ‘When’s the next Friday the 13th? When can we have a movie ready?’ We love Jason and we hope we can make another one.”

In fact, of all the classic franchises Platinum Dunes has been involved with (THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, THE AMITYVILLE HORROR, etc.), FRIDAY THE 13TH is the one they're most interested in returning to.

Friday the 13th is the one for us, because we were so close to filming that version about a year and a half ago, and we loved the screenplay we had and we were so close on that one. I think that’s the one out of everything we’ve done in the past, except for [Teenage Mutant Ninja] Turtles… We hope to bring another Turtles movie out. But I think Jason is the one right now for us that we’d love to get our hands on.”

It's disconcerting that they loved the script that almost got filmed last year, because it was pretty awful, but I'd be down for another F13 along the lines of the 2009 film. At this point, I just want reassurance that we'll even get another FRIDAY THE 13TH movie someday, whether Cunningham remains in control of the rights or Miller takes it over.

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