Platinum Studios & Mark Canton eye big screen franchise for Atlantis Rising comic

Do you guys remember a project being in the works that was set to bring the comic ATLANTIS RISING to the big screen? You don't?! For shame! .. Actually I don't expect you to remember this shite considering we haven't talked about it since December 2008! That's a long ass time folks. So what's the deal?

Well according to Variety DreamWorks, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are no longer attached to the project. Instead Platinum Studios and Mark Canton are taking the lead on this one and are even planning a potential franchise based on the property! Way to go from nothing to something, huh?

The comic, which was created by Platinum Studios chief Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, was first published as a five-issue mini-series. Rosenberg describes it as: "'Atlantis Rising' is a provocative sci-fi thriller that at its core brings up the question: whose planet is this?" Peep the rundown:

Property revolves around an undersea civilization that began over 10,000 years ago and whose presence is unknown to the surface population.

Producer Mark Canton, who is actually a boardmember of Platinum Studios, adds: "'Atlantis Rising' has the franchise potential of 'Men in Black,' which I greenlit for Scott while at Sony's Columbia TriStar. I'm looking forward to bringing it to the screen with Platinum as a dynamic, state-of-the-art action thriller."

So there you have it folks! ATLANTIS RISING is... well... rising once again! Do we see some potential with this one? Be sure to spit some bullets below and let us know what you think as we wait for more updates from the ATLANTIS RISING camp.

Extra Tidbit: Mark Canton most recently produced IMMORTALS, which starred Freida Pinto (above).
Source: Variety



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