Plus One hits DVD in January

If you missed Dennis Iliadis' supernatural shocker PLUS ONE when it had its select theater and VOD run, then you're in luck because the film is now set for a DVD release on January 14th and we've got the artwork for you folks to dig on below! Director Dennis Iliadis (THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT) delivers thought-provoking suspense with PLUS ONE, a supernatural thriller that tests the limits of survival and the loyalties of friendship.

You can pre-order you copy of the flick on DVD right HERE.

Three college friends head out for the biggest party of the year, each looking for something different: sex, love, a simple human connection. The possibilities are endless at the mansion where the music throbs, liquor flows, and hired strippers dance on an outdoor stage. But an unexplained paranormal phenomenon disrupts the proceedings. Perfect replicas of all the partying kids suddenly appear, and what's even weirder, they are doing everything their originals did 15 minutes earlier.

Ashley Hinshaw (About Cherry), Rhys Wakefield (Endless Love), and Logan Miller (Night Moves) star.

Extra Tidbit: Are you going to be adding PLUS ONE to your collection in January?
Source: AITH



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