Posey, Beane, and more to play Truth or Dare for Blumhouse

Violett Beane

A couple months ago, we learned that Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale would be starring in the horror film TRUTH OR DARE for Blumhouse Productions and director Jeff Wadlow, and now we know who will be playing the titular game with her.

Most of Hale's co-stars have, like her, some major television experience - there's Tyler Posey, star of MTV's  Teen Wolf series (but I know him from YOGA HOSERS), The Flash's Violett Beane (pictured above), Sophia Taylor Ali from MTV's Faking It, and Nolan Gerard Funk, of such shows as Warehouse 13, Glee, Arrow, and MTV's Awkward. Hayden Szeto was on a short-lived web series called Chop Shop, but his breakthrough really came in last year's coming-of-age film THE EDGE OF SEVENTEEN, where he did a wonderful job playing a character more than a decade younger than himself.

Filming begins on TRUTH OR DARE next month. Written by Wadlow, Chris Roach, and Jillian Jacobs from a story they crafted with Michael Reisz, it will center on 

a college student in Mexico who is conned into playing a supernatural version of Truth or Dare. The game doesn’t stop and follows her back home.

I'm not too sure about this one. Blumhouse has a great track record overall, but they also had a hand in the tepid teen horror OUIJA, and I fear that TRUTH OR DARE might be something along the lines of that film. Hopefully my fears are unfounded and it will turn out to be a good time.

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