Poster & plot for Andrew Sawyer's haunted house flick Next Door

I was ready to call her a night when suddenly some details on a cool sounding new haunted house flick called NEXT DOOR fell at our feet. The flick, which begins principal photography on May 1st, marks the feature debut of director Andrew Sawyer. Wanna eat some deets and ogle at a poster for this mofo? Why the hell wouldn't you?

Written by Allison Lahikainen, NEXT DOOR is a gripping ghost story that follows the tale of Anna, a single woman and bookkeeper for a New York firm, who wins a bid on a house in a small town in Massachusetts. After being abandoned by previous owners and vacant for quite some time, Anna arrives and finds that the house seems to be haunted. She soon makes discoveries about her house and her neighbors that are more than unsettling...

Very nice. Not sure about you all, but I'm diggin' the current run of haunted house flicks, if for no other reason than to counterbalance all the trap-&-torture gore-fests that have inundated our genre in the last 5 or 6 years. Hopefully Sawyer will do this baby justice!

The flick is set to star Sal Lizard (THE BOX), Nicole Kruex (TERROR OVERLOAD), Christina Rondano and horror screen great Lynn Lowry (THE CRAZIES, SHIVERS, CAT PEOPLE).

Matthew C. Dummond (THE ID PROXY) will produce with Sal Lizard (E.P.)

More soon to come!

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