Poster & synopsis for C.B Harding's indie thriller Complicity

With AFM just around the bend, a little Film Catalogue snooping isn't out of order. We've done so today and found a cool little thriller called COMPLICITY you all might be interested in. Read up on that bastard below!

From Highland Film Group comes COMPLICITY, an indie thriller written, directed and produced by C.B. Harding. The flick has been completed, and will look to garner some attraction at the market next month. Think it'll succeed?

Starring Sean Young, Heather Hemmens (below), Shoshanna Bush, Jenna Boyd, Logan Hoffman, August Emerson, T.J. Wilkins and Josh Janowicz:

It's Friday and Shannon's parents are away for the weekend, the perfect time to have a party. The music's blasting, the drinks are flowing, but suddenly the party comes to a crashing halt when Kim, Shannon's friend, accuses a boy of rape. Without knowing the guilt or innocence of the boy, the group extracts vengeance and accidentally kills him. A situation that was totally unthinkable a few hours earlier is now their reality. They blame each other in a wild attempt to justify what they have done. With seemingly no other option, they hide their crime, only to face a shock that leads them down a more sinister path.

Rape? Revenge? Sinister paths? Yup, could be one to keep a keen eye on. Don't you think?

Extra Tidbit: C.B. Harding is known for directing many of the Blue Collar Comedy tour specials.



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