Power Rangers director takes on Amblin's Unexplained Phenomenon

Way back in January of this year we first brought you guys the news that Amblin was developing a new anthology film series called UNEXPLAINED PHENOMENON. The movie is intended to evoke Spielberg's classic films like CLOSE ENCOUNTERS and E.T. in its exploration of real-life unexplained phenomena.

And today we have word that the first film in the planned series will be directed by Dean Israelite.

Dean Israelite, for those who might not find the name instantly recognizable, is known around here as the director of such teen-friendly flicks as POWER RANGERS and PROJECT ALMANAC.

Being that Dean Israelite seems to have a knack for sci-fi action which appeals to the masses, it makes sense that Amblin would hand him the helm of this new film. We'll find out!

UNEXPLAINED PHENOMENON synopsis via Deadline:

A family discovers a mysterious object that holds a strange power, which sends their life and home into upheaval. The family soon seeks the help of an expert and her teenage daughter who have a connection with the object and might understand its power and agenda.

We'll let you know when we hear more!

Extra Tidbit: The film’s title refers to the FBI classification for incidents that are investigated but are left unsolved because they defy logic.
Source: Deadline



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