Predator-inspired bourbon whiskey Dutch coming soon

Predator John McTiernan

I don't drink, but every once in a while some kind of alcohol that was inspired by a film or television show will be announced and I'll be tempted me to tie one on with the tie-in. That's the case with Silver Screen Bottling Company's Dutch, a bourbon whiskey inspired by the 1987 classic PREDATOR and named after the alien-fighting badass played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in that film.

If you've been missing out on PREDATOR for the last thirty-one years, the John McTiernan-directed film has the following synopsis: 

Dutch, a soldier of fortune, is hired by the U.S. government to secretly rescue a group of politicians trapped in Guatemala. But when Dutch and his team land in Central America, something is gravely wrong. After finding a string of dead bodies, the crew discovers they are being hunted by a brutal creature with superhuman strength and the ability to disappear into its surroundings.

Silver Screen describes Dutch as a whiskey that's "fit for a man on a mission with a bold taste for adventure who ain't got time to bleed", and promises that it will "take you to a new level with its full-bodied flavor and hints of vanilla, coconut, and bergamot". 

There are days when you are pushing too many pencils, feeling slack-jawed, and there’s nothing you can do to get your mind to stick around. Days when you’re dropped in the meat-grinder, and life looks at you as if you ain’t no man. You’re just a bleeding thing, alien to everyone around you, and it’s as if the whole world is saying- if it bleeds, we can kill it.

But you ain’t got time to bleed.

It’s payback time. You remember a little taste of home: Dutch Bourbon Whiskey. Filling a glass, the aroma digs in like an Alabama tick. Knock, knock…this is quality. You take a sip, and the smooth taste takes you away on a chopper of blended flavors. Like a rescue team, not assassins.

Another sip, and your mind wanders to exotic Val Verde, where the jungle comes alive and takes you on a journey filled with cold mud baths, waterfall diving, and trophy hunting. It makes Cambodia look like Kansas, but you want more, because your appetite for adventure is as big as a house.

This is Dutch Bourbon Whiskey. When you’re in a world of hurt, a sip of Ol’ Painless will have you saying “I’m gonna have me some fun.”

Bottles of Dutch sell for $34.99 each and can be pre-ordered at DutchWhiskey.com.



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