President Abraham Lincoln is going to be battling zombies for The Asylum!

We all know Abraham Lincoln is one of the best presidents in US history. We also know that at some point he apparently battled an army of vampires, what with ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER on it's way. But did you know ol' Honest Abe also had a horde of undead to contend with? That's right folks - ABRAHAM LINCOLN VS ZOMBIES!

I kid you not ladies and gents. Those wacky kids over at The Asylum are at it again with their latest mockbuster - ABRAHAM LINCOLN VS ZOMBIES. Set to start filming on January 21st, ABRAHAM LINCOLN VS ZOMBIES reads a little something like this:

While the brutal Civil War rages on, Abraham Lincoln must undertake an even more daunting task; destroying the Confederate Undead!

Did you expect anything less? The guys over at Moviehole also got a look at the cast list for this one. Check it:

[ PRESIDENT ABRAHAM LINCOLN ] 54, Caucasian Male Tall and lanky. Strong Actor with strong credits. We want talent that resemble Abe Lincoln.

[ MARY TODD ] 45-50; Female Caucasian First lady of the White House and Abe’s wife.

[ JOHN WILKES BOOTH ] 25; Caucasian Male Part of the New Secret Service. We are looking for someone to resemble John Wilkes Booth.

[ STONEWALL JACKSON ] 40; Male Caucasian Haggard with dark hair and a bushy beard. Has only one arm. General in the great Army of the Confederacy.

[ ABE ] 9; Caucasian Male Lanky boy likes to read. Please submit talent that look like a young Abe Lincoln at 9.

[ THOMAS LINCOLN ] 30′s; Caucasian Male. Father of Abraham Lincoln. Strong and loving family man.

[ NANCY HANKS LINCOLN ] 30′s; Caucasian Female. Motherly type.

I'd say this just seems wrong... but for some reason it feels so right. We'll keep an eye out for any other updates regarding ABRAHAM LINCOLN VS ZOMBIES so be sure to check back soon for more as it comes our way.

Extra Tidbit: What other presidents would you like to see battling genre baddies?
Source: Moviehole



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