Pretty Little Liar Tammin Sursok travels to Joel Soisson's C2C

Tammin Sursok, who will be recognizable to whoever watches "Pretty Little Liars," has joined the cast of C2C, which is to be helmed by longtime genre writer-producer Joel Soisson.

Lucy, a young American tourist in Thailand, dies after being lured into a kinky online game. Her sister, Allie, comes to Bangkok seeking answers only to become enmeshed in a conspiracy of bored young ex-pats, led by the seductive and quirky Margriet. They are all just looking for their next big thrill. Allie’s growing affection for Margriet leads her to the dark side of a city where no one is who they seem, both online and in person.

Production on the thriller is expected to start in Thailand this week.

In addition to "Pretty Little Liars," Sursok has appeared on "Home and Away," "The Young and the Restless," and "Hannah Montana."

Soisson's name will be familiar to anyone who has watched a straight-to-DVD/video sequel, as he's written such gems as MIMIC 2, DRACULA 2 and 3, PULSE 2 and 3, HOLLOW MAN 2, HELLRAISER: HELLWORLD... you get the idea. His directing credits include CHILDREN OF THE CORN: GENESIS and two PROPHECY sequels.

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Source: Variety



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