Preview Greg "KNB" Nicotero's short film United Talent Monster Agency!

Y'all know who Greg Nicotero is, right?

Sure ya do. He's the longtime makeup and special f/x guru over at KNB EFX, responsible for many, many of our all time favorite genre titles. He's worked on everything from EVIL DEAD II, PREDATOR, MISERY, SCREAM, to KILL BILL, THE MIST, DRAG ME TO HELL, etc etc. Seriously, it's embarrassing how sterling the dude's resume is. Only thing more embarrassing would be, as a horror fan, not knowing who the man is. So learn his name if you haven't already!

Anyway, it seems Nicotero has put together a cool 8-minute short entitled UNITED TALENT MONSTER AGENCY. It's a mash-up of old 50s style monster movies set to the style of newsreel documentary, which, according to a press release we received, "features many moments from the classic canon of Universal films (1923 onward), with some cameos from non-U monsters, all of which works very joyously well."

Apparently featured at this year's Fantastic Fest (which starts this Thursday), you can preview UNITED TALENT MONSTER AGENCY by hopping over to the Fest's official site. There you'll find a slide of three photos, each featuring a different monster to be used in the film. CLICK HERE TO SEE THEM.

Until we lock more on UTMA, give us your favorite Nicotero credit over the years. Was it one mentioned above, or another one altogether?

Nicotero worked on PIRANHA, starring Kelly Brook!

Extra Tidbit: Favorite monster from the golden age of horror?
Source: Fantastic Fest



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