Producer of The Conjuring picks up 'true' exorcism tale

Say your prayers, folks. A new exorcism flick is on the horizon as Variety reports that Evergreen Entertainment and Tony DeRosa-Grund have landed the film rights to Father Michael Maginot’s account of an exorcism he performed on a women and her three children. Evergreen beat out a handful of other studios, including Screen Gems, for the rights.

The story made headlines after police, the fire department, Child Protective Services and hospital personnel in Gary, Indiana attested to witnessing the demonic possession. I'm sure they can't wait to slap "based on a true story" all over this one when it starts rolling.

DeRosa-Grund has already seen good returns working in this genre, having recently produced the New Line horror hit THE CONJURING which has grossed more than $300 million at the box office. Speaking of THE CONJURING, the exorcism scene in the film's final moments was absolutely chilling and one of the best the horror genre has seen in quite some time. It showed that even though we've seen exorcisms done dozens of times, they can still be terrifying if executed right. So who knows, maybe DeRosa-Grund's upcoming flick will deliver another solid tale of demon possession. Details are as slim as they get but we'll be sure to hit you with more as we get them. For now I'll just let you enjoy this picture of Vera Farmiga!

Vera Farmiga starred in THE CONJURING

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Source: Variety



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