Producers developing Gladiator-meets-Tarantino project Slayer

Gladiator Russell Crowe Ridley Scott

With his Blacklist-featured spec script SLAYER, screenwriter Joel Dorland has crafted a story that producers Adrian Askarieh and Giulio Marantonio see multimedia potential in - not only do they intend to turn the "GLADIATOR (pictured above) by way of Quentin Tarantino" script into a feature film, but they have also hired writer Tim Daniel and artist Christian DiBari to adapt the concept into a one-shot graphic novel as part of an effort to "deepen its roots" and start building SLAYER into a viable brand.

Askarieh and Marantonio are seeking to get a director attached to the film project before they start shopping it around to financiers, who will get a look at both the script and the graphic novel.

A sword and sorcery sci-fi fantasy, SLAYER is a revenge tale about

a simple fisherman who, when his wife is kidnapped and his village slaughtered, trains for 20 years to become the greatest warrior alive in order to wreak vengeance on the four demonic knights responsible.

SLAYER, you had me at "demonic knights".

We'll keep you updated as Askarieh and Marantonio make progress on their quest to bring the demonic knights to the screen.

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