Production begins on suspense thriller A Single Shot, starring Sam Rockwell

Here's a damn fine-lookin' thriller in the tradition of violent noirs like NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN and A SIMPLE PLAN. It's called A SINGLE SHOT; we alerted you to it a few weeks ago when it cast Juliette Lewis, and today we're throwing another reminder your way now that it's officially underway and its entire cast has been revealed.

Said cast is a pretty great one: Sam Rockwell, Juliette Lewis, William H. Macy, Jeffrey Wright, Jason Isaacs, Ted Levine, Kelly Reilly, Ophelia Lovibond, Joe Anderson and recent Oscar-winner Melissa Leo.

Based on the book by Matthew F. Jones (who also penned the screenplay), here's how A SINGLE SHOT breaks down: John Moon lives alone in a trailer on the land that was his family's farm until the bank foreclosed on it years ago (for reasons he has never fully understood). His wife has just left him, taking their infant son with her, and John must support himself with odd jobs and poaching game on a neighbor's land. Out hunting deer one morning, he hears the rustle of branches and fires a single shot--only to discover that he has killed a teenage girl.

Horrified, Moon tries to cover up his tragic mistake and then to find out who the girl was and what she was doing in the woods. Fear, guilt, and obsession leads him to unearth a shocking pattern of evil involving the residents of the town--and before long all the plots have converged on him.

Sounds pretty damn intense; you can count me all in right now. The David M. Rosenthal-directed thriller is being produced by Unanimous Entertainment’s Chris Coen, Unified Pictures’ Keith Kjarval and Bron Studios’ Aaron L. Gilbert.

SINGLE SHOT hottie Kelly Reilly

Extra Tidbit: Michael Fassbender and Thomas Hayden Church were both previously attached to star in A SINGLE SHOT.
Source: Deadline.com



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