Production commences on ambitious sci-fi indie Life Tracker

This is one title that hasn't been on our radar at all: LIFE TRACKER. A low-budget but ambitious sci-fi flick from director Joe McClean, it stars Matt Dallas (ABC Family’s “Kyle XY,” The First Ride with Wyatt Earp), Rebecca Marshall (Saw 3D) and Barry Finnegan (How to Make a David Lynch Film). Red and Tan Productions announced today that principal photography has commenced on LIFE TRACKER in Los Angeles. (The pic above of the cast comes from the film's Facebook page.)

Check out the synopsis: In the near future, a new device has emerged to detect the time of death of every man’s life through DNA analysis. A modern day palm reading, the device has ignited fear and paranoia throughout the world. The film follows an aspiring filmmaker, Dillon (Barry Finnegan), who chronicles the hysteria and stumbles upon the mystery behind Life Tracker Limited, the company behind the device. With the help of his friends, Scott (Matt Dallas) and Bell (Rebecca Marshall), they embark on a thrilling journey to find the real story behind the science, testing their friendship and faith along the way. Are the predictions true? Is a person’s lifespan ingrained in one’s DNA? The race is on to uncover the truth.

LIFE TRACKER is produced by Sarju Patel and Debbie Vandermeulen and is executive produced by Baron Davis and Marshall. You can check out its official Facebook page right HERE.

Rebecca Marshall

Extra Tidbit: What do you think of LIFE TRACKER's plotline?



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