Production finishes up on the latest spoof of The Twilight Saga: TwiHarder!

If you're a regular here at AITH then you should know we try not to touch that TWILIGHT crap with a ten foot pole. For the most part, we succeed. But when word comes our way on a flick that does nothing but poke fun at the pathetic franchise then you can bet your bottom dollar we're going to tell you about it!

The project I'm getting at is called TWIHARDER and is coming our way courtesy of John Gearries and Christopher Sean. Apparently the project started as a web-series but then grew to a full indie feature after positive fan response to it's first two episodes. Peep the rundown:

Story centers on a vampire who must face flamboyant werewolves and teenage heartbreak even though he's 105 years old while a werewolf who looks like a lumberjack is faced with the reality that he just doesn't have the right look to get the girl -- unless he gets a total body makeover.

Sounds about right to me! The filmmakers are currently looking for distribution for TWIHARDER, which was shot in Los Angeles on a budget of $300k. They're also planning a campaign that will capitalize on the release of the next TWILIGHT SAGA film this November.

Giorgio Caridi is making his directorial debut on TWIHARDER, with a script from Gearries and Sean, who also produce via their Between the Lines Prods. banner. Cast for the flick includes Laura Niles, Josh Cruze and Tanya Zoeller. Richie Million Jr. of Wit Philly Prods., Irish producer Emma Owen of Baby Jane Prods., Alessandra Marianelli and Clint Keepin also produce.

Hey it's better than TWILIGHT right?

Extra Tidbit: The best thing to come from this TWILIGHT craze is easily Ashley Greene (above).
Source: Variety



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