Production is completed on microbudget creature feature The Raking

The Raking Bryan Brewer

THE RAKING, a microbudget feature from writer/director Bryan Brewer, has completed principal photography! A creature feature with all practical effects that were designed by Face Off contestant Eric Fox, this is a movie for horror fans by horror fans.

Says Brewer: "From the get-go we decided to steer clear of the found footage genre, and to try to deliver a satisfying, cinematic film with a cool monster at its center, and as a life-long monster fan, I'm hopeful we did just that." All practical? No found footage? Now you're speaking our language.

Co-written by Brewer and Laura Heine, the story follows:

A group of college students who set out to debunk an urban legend in Joshua Tree, California for their anthropology thesis, only to find that they become part of the legend themselves.

THE RAKING stars Bryan Brewer, Cree Kelly, Allie Rivera, Thatcher Robinson, Marisa Davila, and Marshal Hilton. A sneak peek of the film's monster will be displayed at the Monsterpalooza convention in Pasadena this weekend.

Cree Kelly
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