Promo poster for Would You Rather, starring Sasha Grey, Brittany Snow & Jeffrey Combs

Sexually speaking, who wouldn't want to ask Sasha Grey and Brittany Snow "Would You Rather...?"

Well, some lucky bastard will get the chance to do so in the new fun-filled trap-and-torture ditty, WOULD YOU RATHER. The flick, from director David Guy Levy, also stars the great Jeffrey Combs, so you know this one is going to have an entertainment value like few others. Not buying it? Cop a look at the promo poster we have in the margins for a little proof!

Written by Steffen Schlachtenhaufen:

Iris has been taking care of her brother, Raleigh, ever since her parents died in an accident. Raleigh is struggling with Leukemia and as his health gets worse, the bills get more expensive. Iris is desperate and jobless. Miraculously, her doctor introduces her to the fabulously wealthy and powerful Shepard Lambrick, who presents Iris with an opportunity to compete in a game. If she wins, the Lambrick Foundation will find a donor for her brother and pay for the rest of his treatment. Iris accepts the invitation.

When she arrives, she meets her fellow opponents – all desperate individuals with their own tragic stories, each hoping to find salvation through Shepard Lambrick's game of Would You Rather. (His own twist on the popular children's game). However, Shepard Lambrick's version of Would You Rather is definitely not for children. It requires that the players act on their decisions, within seconds. Almost immediately the game becomes life threatening. Anyone who tries to leave and not continue the game will be shot on the spot. As the rounds progress, the contestants are pushed to their extremes and soon players begin to be eliminated forever.

Nothing wrong with a little sick, sadistic fun. I'm all for it.

Extra Tidbit: Who would you rather...Brittany or Sasha??? (both above)
Source: VMI Worldwide



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