Promo poster & synopsis for new thriller The Cottage, starring David Arquette

Not to be confused with the droll 2008 horror-comedy of the same name, David Arquette headlines a new horror/thriller we're just now hearing about called THE COTTAGE. With our intro comes a promo poster and lengthy synopsis, simply scroll the page and check out what particular amenities this COTTAGE has to offer...

Directed by Chris Jaymes, from a script by Nick Antosca - THE COTTAGE goes like this:

Bree and Michael Carpenter live happily with their two daughters in a suburban house, with a guest cottage in their backyard. When they receive news that their prospective tenant was in a car accident, they are faced with the decision to leave the cottage vacant and lose out on the much needed income, or find a new renter at the last minute. As luck would have it, a charming young romance novelist, Robert Mars, arrives looking for a place to stay. Much to their surprise, soon after he moves in, unnerving things begin to occur. Robert covers the windows with black cloth and changes the locks. He keeps late hours, has various people coming and going, and is seen late at night with some strange men burying something in the yard.

When the Carpenter's cat goes missing and it appears that someone has entered their house, Bree and Michael fear for their daughters’ safety. Their fears are solidified when they see a sketch of a man suspected of a brutal rape in the next county that is the spitting image of their new tenant. However with no concrete evidence to support any claims, and legal hurdles working against them as landlords, the Carpenters soon find themselves battling an unknowable threat in their own backyard.

Though no release date is set, THE COTTAGE has been completed. In addition to Arquette, the film stars Kristen Dalton, Victor Browne, Morissa O'Mara, Alana O'Mara, Lorraine Nicholson, Rome Shadanloo (below) and Kyle Slabotsky.

Extra Tidbit: How do you like the ANATOMY OF A MURDER like artwork?
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