Promo poster & synopsis for Tom Holland's new horror mystery Killing Frank

After taking to the short-form with TWISETED TALES, longtime horror director Tom Holland seems to have his next film set up at PFG Entertainment. The flick in question is known as KILLING FRANK, dubbed a cross between an Agatha Christie whodunit with the extreme bloodletting of FINAL DESTINATION or SCREAM picture. If all that sounds like your label of poison, check out the synopsis and promo poster for the flick we have for you.

From writer/director Tom Holland (Child’s Play, Fright Night, Stephen King’s Thinner), a murder-mystery thriller in the tradition of the Agatha Christie classic “Ten Little Indians”, combined with the blood-soaked body count of the “Final Destination” or “Scream” franchises, “Killing Frank” is a truly twisted tale of greed and murder. Wealthy misanthrope Frank, a manipulative business tycoon hated by all who know him, is reduced to a vegetable-like state after an accident. His family and key employees gather at his isolated mansion to figure out how to declare him legally dead and divide the bounty of his estate. They didn’t count on the oddly-dedicated nurse who blocks their intentions. Or the fact that they would all start dying themselves, one-by-one. It is plain that these deaths are no accident. There is a diabolically clever murderer among them. Cut off from the outside world on the grounds of this lavish estate, the question quickly becomes, who among them is doing the killing? And why?

Said it once and I'll echo it now, I LOVE me a good whodunit. Hell, I even enjoy bad ones. My guess is Holland's will be somewhere in the middle, which means he has my eyes if and when the shite ever comes out. How about you? Does the premise excite you as well?

KILLING FRANK is currently in pre-production. As it casts up and begins filming, we'll keep you abreast along the way.

TWISTED TALES star Danielle Harris

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