Punisher: War Zone's Lexi Alexander wants to reboot The Mummy for Universal

The Mummy Boris Karloff

When producers Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan were in charge of Universal's "Dark Universe" project that would see the studio's classic monsters and madmen receiving modern day reboots all set in the same shared cinematic universe, there were multiple scripts for Dark Universe monster movies in the works. Kurtzman and Morgan have since left the project, and Universal is re-thinking their approach to Dark Universe since the budget was so high on 2017's THE MUMMY that it disappointed by "only" making $409 million at the box office, so the studio is open to hearing new pitches for their monster properties. 

This is proven by the fact that Universal has scrapped plans to make a version of THE INVISIBLE MAN that would have starred Johnny Depp and are now working with Blumhouse Productions on a version that will be written and directed by Leigh Whannell and made on a budget not expected to exceed $10 million.

On Twitter, PUNISHER: WAR ZONE director Lexi Alexander has revealed that she took a monster movie pitch to Universal a few weeks ago... and in a bold move, her pitch was a reboot of a monster property that already got its Dark Universe reboot. Alexander wants to make another version of THE MUMMY.

Alexander didn't share specific details on her mummy story, but said that "reverse Orientalism" is the theme. When one of her followers suggested that she "normalize the Orient and objectify, fetishize, and other-ize the Occident", Alexander replied, "That's it. I pitched exactly that."

Alexander also shared a bit of dialogue from her pitch, LOLing about her feeling that Universal probably won't want to make her version of THE MUMMY.

Anyone can make a movie about a mummy, though. So if Universal doesn't go for Alexander's pitch and decide to make another Dark Universe MUMMY with her, she would still have a chance of getting the movie made somewhere else if she really wants to tell this story.

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