QED acquires zombie pitch 19; trilogy planned

One thing about zombies - you can't keep 'em down because they just keep coming. And that goes double for zombie films!

Deadline is reporting that QED International‘s Bill Block has made a pre-emptive acquisition of the zombie thriller 19, and reports that a pitch will be written by Jim Agnew & Sean Keller. The intention is to turn this into a trilogy.

19 involves zombies, but takes that genre in a new direction, in that everybody over the age of 19 turns into a walking corpse. That leaves a civilized world to be run by kids.

The film will be produced by Film 360 and Wonderland Sound and Vision. The producers also are looking to reverse engineer the 19 idea into a series of books. Attached to direct is Jeff Chan, who impressed producers with his "Call of Duty" inspired short fan film.

Extra Tidbit: 19 sounds as if it has a fresh take on the zombie genre. Does it sound like something you'll be interested in hearing more about?
Source: Deadline



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