Queen Latifah, Terrence Howard & Peter Fonda check into House Of Bodies

What's this now, at 72, Peter Fonda is set to play a serial killer?!?

According to Variety, yes he is. Fonda is checking into HOUSE OF BODIES with Queen Latifah (seen right) and Terrence Howard, an indie-thriller setup at Latifah's Flavor Unit Studios. Production is just getting underway on the film, currently without a director.

Story follows Kyle, a deaf child who enjoys chatting online with Nicole (Latifah), a relay operator at a telephone service for the hearing-impaired. Kyle's fascination with the macabre leads him to explore the House of Bodies, a voyeur website based out of the former home of a serial killer named Henry Lee Bishop (Fonda), who is now on Death Row.

When police discover a string of grisly copycat murders, a detective (Howard) must race to uncover the mystery. Meanwhile, Kyle strikes up an unlikely friendship with Kelli, a new performer at the House of Bodies who's forced to rely on him for survival as the killings hit closer to home.

Ah, an online techno-thriller. Nothing wrong with that, though it'll be very difficult to keep from dating the film with the use of to-be-obsolete technology. Always tough with these types of flicks. Still, HOUSE OF BODIES has itself a sold starting cast...hopefully an equally skilled director comes along and makes this sucker hum!

Who do you nominate?

Latifah lends voice-work with J.Lo in ICE AGE: CONTINENTAL DRIFT.

Extra Tidbit: How do you like the sound of HOUSE OF BODIES? Like the casting so far? BTW, Fonda is 72, not 82.
Source: Variety



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