Rachel Nichols set to join Tom Holland's The Ten O'Clock People

Tom Holland's adaptation of Stephen King's THE TEN O'CLOCK PEOPLE has added the lovely vision known as Rachel Nichols to its cast. Justin Long joined the film last month in the lead role.

Nichols is probably best known for her turn in G.I. JOE: RISE OF COBRA, but can also be checked out looking good in P2, CONAN THE BARBARIAN and THE AMITYVILLE HORROR. She's currently making RAZE with Zoe Bell.

THE TEN O'CLOCK PEOPLE follows Brandon Pearson, a smoker trying hard to quit for health reasons. He discovers a horrible aspect of reality that only those attempting to quit like him are capable of seeing - that many of the people living among us in positions of power, including many police officers and political figures and even the Vice President of the United States, are in fact inhuman monsters disguised as people.

If she indeed joins the cast (she's currently in negotiations), Nichols will play a woman who, like Pearson, can see a horrible aspect of reality, hidden in plain sight.

The film starts shooting on September 10 in New York City.

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Source: THR



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